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4 Types of Teeth Bridges

Dental bridges are the most fundamental kind of dental reconstruction utilized to replace missing teeth, whether lost because of decay or extraction because of structural damage. Dental bridges, as its name suggests, are a filler where a tooth used to be. The teeth on both sides of the space anchor the bridge and a false tooth is placed between them. After they are put in, dental bridges appear natural.

Your dentist will inspect the region of your mouth where the dental bridge will be to determine if you are suitable for receiving one. There might be better choices than the dental bridge, depending on where your mouth is located. Also, the anchor teeth must be assessed to determine if they are solid enough to support the dental prosthesis. Additionally, dental x-rays and a CBCT scan may be required to evaluate the health of the structures beneath.

What are the various types of dental bridges?

Suppose your dentist has determined that you require a dental bridge; the kind of bridge appropriate for your needs is to be determined from the best dentists in Ottawa. According to the individual situation, four kinds of dental bridges offer varying choices. Here are the four types of dental bridges:

Classic Dental Bridge

The most well-known type of dental bridge is the standard one you may be familiar with. The bridge comprises one dental crown attached to both adjacent teeth and a false tooth or teeth in the middle. The dental crowns function as anchor points, while the false tooth “bridges” the gap. The durability of bridges from the past is among their primary advantages. A disadvantage is that they necessitate the adjustment of adjacent teeth. Local firm like pediatric dentist at Fort Richmond in Winnipeg also serves kids who are in need of dental assistance.

Dental Bridge With Cantilevers

Dental bridges that cantilever differs from conventional ones because only one anchor tooth is required. They are less popular than other types of bridges and tend to be used only for frontal use of the mouth. Because of the stress they place on a single tooth, bridges made of the cantilever are not advised for use in the rear of the mouth. Time and money could be saved if a bridge made of a cantilever could be put in place without risk. However, this kind of bridge is only safely installed in a few situations.

Maryland Bonded Bridge

A Maryland bridge that is bonded is built similarly to a traditional dental bridge, but a metal or porcelain framework is used instead of dental crowns to anchor the bridge. The framework can eliminate the need for nearby teeth to be modified and fixed to the back. Maryland bridges that are bonded, in essence, offer an affordable and more cost-effective alternative to traditional bridges. However, their durability depends on the adhesive’s strength, and metal frameworks are prone to discoloring teeth.

Bridge Supported by Implants

Implant-supported dental bridges are constructed with the same design as traditional bridges however are supported by dental implants. Implant-supported bridges can bridge wide gaps caused by the loss of multiple teeth without the need for any nearby teeth to be prepared or modified. Implants are also famous for their durability, strength, and capability to restore normal function. However, this bridge requires an intensive procedure to place and then a healing time. A faciliy like TMJ Winnipeg specialize on pain managment and follow through. You may check them out for further information.


These four dental bridges provide people who have lost their teeth with several options for restoration. When there are teeth on both sides of the gap, a traditional or Maryland-bonded bridge can be used; when there is just one tooth on either side, a bridge called a Cantilever can be used. Additionally, implant-supported bridges can be employed if there are several missing teeth in the adjacent area. Although each kind of bridge has pros and disadvantages, A general dentist can advise on which is best for your needs. Choosing the best dental bridge can give you a more attractive smile.