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Looking for an excellent blog to guest post on? Look no further. Let us know if you’d like to have your article included on our site.

We are constantly looking for new writers. If you have a suggestion that will intrigue our readers and promote our industry, please let us know. However, you don’t have to wait for a groundbreaking web design idea. Instead, let your audience know what you’ve been thinking about in a new light.

Guest Posting Guidelines

Before submitting any work to us, please take the time to consider the following:

  2. Make sure to delete your content from websites and/or blogs where it has already been published if you have done so before sending it to us for review.
  3. Once your post is published on our site, you may not republish it elsewhere, even on your own personal blog. If you want to publish a teaser of 4-5 lines and link your published article to other websites/blogs, you are allowed to do so. Your content cannot be removed or deleted after it has been published with us.
  4. Your article needs to be well-written and informative. An article must have at least 1000 words. There is no character limit. “H2” and “H3” should be used as well.
  5. The photos must be linked to each other. A copyrighted photograph should not be used.
  6. Also, you may want to include a few relevant links in the body of your article (Only high authority site links). However, make sure the post doesn’t have too many irrelevant links.
  7. Check for grammatical mistakes, typographical errors, and incorrect line breaks before submitting your work. Content that contains grammatical errors, typos, and poor formatting will be rejected.
  8. Be kind to your readers, fellow writers, and the staff of this site.
  9. We accept articles on a wide range of topics, including but not limited to science, education, technology, SEO, software, blockchain, lifestyle, home improvement, gift ideas, health care, insurance, the environment, business, real estate, finance, and marketing and advertising.
  10. Therefore, it may take up to 1-3 days for your work to be published after you submit it for approval. If your previous post was accepted, you’re more than welcome to submit another one.

What we’re looking for

Alternatively, you can send a short pitch (a few sentences outlining your argument and why it’s important to our readers) accompanied by an outline for consideration. We can provide you better comments if your submission is more thorough. Be aware that we only publish the content submitted by the author and not previously published by another source (including on your blog).

Ready to write?

Great! Just send us your topic ideas and outlines by filling out the form below. As soon as we’ve determined whether or not your article is a good fit, we’ll get in touch with you to go over the following steps and any additional requirements for publishing your post.