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Situations Where Dental Implants May Be Advisable

The most noticeable element of your appearance is your smile. And teeth play an essential part in this. Chewing food, speaking words effectively, and defining facial features are among the tasks best accomplished with a complete set of teeth.

The absence of teeth could affect the appearance of one’s face and may make people feel embarrassed about smiling in public. A missing tooth can have adverse effects on your oral and general health. Implants for dental purposes are fast becoming one of the most well-known alternatives to restore the appearance of your smile while providing a wide range of other benefits to the patient’s overall health.

When is the best time to get dental implants?

Implants enhance chewing, talking, and dental health while improving your smile. Dental implants replace tooth roots by using titanium or ceramic posts. The post is implanted into your jawbone before the crown, or artificial tooth is placed. Many choose this restorative dental procedure due to a variety of reasons. Implants may be the right choice for you for these reasons.

1. Broken or Missing Teeth

If a tooth is lost, its roots do not anchor the jawbone anymore. The loss of jawbone structure by tooth loss may alter what appears to be the shape of your face and mouth. If nothing is done to replace the tooth, the teeth on each other side will change to fill it, putting unnecessary stress on the remaining teeth and may crack them.

A dentist in San Jose may not be capable of saving a tooth that is badly chipped or broken. To prevent a gap from appearing in your smile, you may require having extraction of a tooth and a dental implant placed.

2. Loose Dentures

The alternative to implants for filling in missing teeth would be dentures which can slip off from time to time. If teeth are missing over an extended period, the jawbone can shrink, and dentures can become loose and cause oral health issues.

As you age, your jaw and facial structure can change. If your dentures don’t fit, you may have trouble eating or speaking, mouth gum infections, jaw shrinkage, and swelling. Dental implants fix dental issues, including dentures that remove your wisdom teeth at inconvenient times. Since implants are designed for long-term use, cosmetic concerns related to facial wrinkles are less.

3. Infected Tooth

If a tooth is infected, the situation can be very troubling. It is common for an infection to spread to the root, where it can harm the gums and bone supporting the tooth.

In most cases, your periodontist will want to save your natural tooth instead of replacing it. But, there are instances where the affected tooth must be removed. When a tooth has been removed from the jawbone, the socket it used to be in the jawbone is empty. This makes it possible to replace it with an implant.

4. Trouble Eating

It is frustrating to realize that eating your favorite dishes after losing teeth is more challenging, like salad and steak. The loss of teeth in one part of your mouth makes some people limit their eating to the side they chew on. Dental implant surgery can fill in the gaps if you’re missing teeth. This allows you to consume a balanced diet and enjoy your favorite foods for the first time.

5. Aesthetics

People tend to feel uncomfortable about their smiles whenever they are missing teeth, have sunken faces, or are not content with the teeth they currently have. Or, if you wear dentures, you might have a different sense of self-assurance than you did before. Implants are designed to enhance your smile and give you the confidence to show off your teeth publicly again.