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How to Deal With the Impact of COVID 19 Lockdown

Life seems to be in chaos amid this chaos in the world as it tries to combat the covid19 pandemic. Fear, anxiety, confusion, and despair are the terrifying monsters lurking above the heads of everyone, trying to take them out.

Despite the demons’ terrifying presence, there seems to be a light of hope within the masses. That ray of sunlight manifests itself as a pleasant attitude that we all share.

Turning COVID Into an Opportunity

The negative stigma and worry that accompanied the COVID 19 lockdown was a burden on a lot of us emotionally. The result was profound changes in our daily lives and unexpected negative consequences. However, we could turn this crisis into an opportunity. How?

The first matter to remember is that this shutdown presents a once-in-a-lifetime chance for families to enjoy quality time together. The entire family can participate in more imaginative activities such as baking, gardening, cooking, and drawing since everyone is at home. Parents take time to play and play with their youngsters and participate in daily activities, which helps to strengthen relationships between families.

Second, the lockdown lets people have more time, which they might utilize to think creatively about taking better care of themselves or to learn new skills or hobbies. The stress of worrying, overthinking, and losing hope are symptoms of not knowing how to make the most of time. In the end, individuals can achieve a healthy balance between exercise, sleep, leisure time, socializing on the internet, and relaxation.

Thirdly, confinement offers a great chance to rekindle your passion and build new capabilities. Since the fear of being infected by the pandemic may be more dangerous than the virus itself, we should educate ourselves on dealing with anxieties and stigma. As an outcome, we must be aware of different stress-related reactions.

Fourth, the lockdown allows people to live a healthier lifestyle. We can alter our ways of living to healthier ones. For instance, we could cultivate vegetables in our space at home. We can eat fresh fruits and veggies instead of processed foods because we can’t leave the house. So it’s time to focus our energies on things that can benefit our health and the overall well-being of our psychosocial beings.

Fifth, information is power Fifth because knowledge is power, the lockdown is a good time for reading and writing. Read at least 30 minutes a day. You can already acquire numerous products to ease your boredom in such a short period.

Finally, this adversity allows for the development of resiliency. We’ve been through a lot as a couple. The first was major earthquakes that caused havoc to the lives of our citizens and livelihoods, then progressed in the direction of African swine disease (ASF). This pandemic virus is then followed by landslides, torrential rains, and earthquakes. This Pandemic COVID 19 isn’t over yet; the earthquake has returned to terrorize us!


Fortunately, people have realized this and are now getting information from numerous reliable sources. In the end, newspapers are closing, and viewers are using streaming services to “cut off the line” to watch what they want to see. So, what do you have to choose from now? Hospitalizations, infections, and deaths seem to be decreasing. Medical specialists agree that we should be back to normal by fall, whichever that is. It would help if you did what you think is right. Utilize common knowledge. Find as much information as feasible from various sources.