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Rappin’ Legal – Know Your Legal Rights!

Yo, listen up, let me tell you what’s goin’ down

Legal issues and laws, you gotta know where you stand

From NP-Physician Collaboration Agreements to LED headlight bulbs in NZ

Legal documents and laws, they’re part of the plan

Got a list of federal healthcare laws and purchase and sale agreements

When it comes to legal stuff, we gotta take a stand

From motorcycle sales to business requirement documents

Legal matters are serious, we gotta understand

We got PA drinking laws and Ayahuasca in Argentina

Know your rights, don’t let legal issues give you a frown

When it comes to legal services, there’s a retainership proposal and legal orders at the bank

Know your legal rights, so you can stand your ground

So when it comes to legal matters, don’t be in the dark

Do your research, know your rights, and make your mark

Legal issues affect us all, young and old

So take the time to educate yourself, so you can be bold

Know your rights, know the laws, and stand up tall

Legal matters are serious, but with knowledge, you won’t fall

So keep it real, stay informed, and know where you stand

Legal matters ain’t no joke, so be the one who’s in command